Lunch with... November 12, 2020

"Next Generation EU: common debts, common cause?"

Lunch with Andreas Dombret, Global Senior Advisor at Oliver Wyman, and former member of the executive board of the Deutsche Bundesbank (2010-2018)

Also in November we will continue our series of events "Lunch with…" digitally. On 12 November, Prof. Dr. Andreas Dombret will provide the keynote impulse for the virtual table talk: "Next Generation EU: common debts, common cause?“ He is Global Senior Advisor at Oliver Wyman, and a member of the Board of Trustees of Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft.

How can the handling of the current crisis be assessed in terms of the long-term strategic goals announced by Ursula von der Leyen upon her assumption of the role of President of the European Commission? What do the planned common bonds in the context of the “Next Generation EU” initiative mean for the future of European integration?

The project "Lunch with..." was established by the Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft at the beginning of 2020. Free thinking, preferably controversial and versatile, is the leitmotif of this series. The thematic table talks begin with impulse lectures by very different guest speakers, who then enter into dialogue with a limited number of invited guests. Initially, the focus will be on Alfred Herrhausen's themes and thoughts, which the speakers will take up, think further and transfer into future-oriented discourses.

Currently, the table talks are only virtual.

Participation in the table talks is by invitation only. For further information please contact Antonia Marx and Matthias Weber.