Podcast November 18, 2020

Universal basic income – An answer to Corona? (German)

The Corona crisis has given new impetus to the discussion about an unconditional basic income. A petition for a temporary basic income in response to the economic consequences of the pandemic has been signed by more than 176,000 people. However, skepticism prevails among political parties. In this podcast, Ria Schröder, a lawyer and member of the Free Democrats as well as former federal chairwoman of the Young Liberals, and Thomas Straubhaar, professor of international economic relations at the University of Hamburg, discuss the pros and cons of introducing an unconditional basic income in Germany. How do they assess its practicality, and what alternatives are there? The discussion will be moderated by Annika Witzel (WDR, Deutschlandfunk).

As part of the #ThinkForwards2020 essay series, Thomas Straubhaar has also written an article on the topic, which you can read here.

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