Fellowship Digital Europe March 26, 2021

Kick-off Workshop of the Digital Europe Fellowship

The Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft and the Schwarzkopf Foundation Young Europe are holding a three-day creative and design workshop for the four selected fellows

In the Fellowship Programme Digital Europe, Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft and Schwarzkopf Foundation jointly support efforts by European educators to promote democratic values in digital spaces. Within six months, the four young European fellows will develop new workshop formats for students 13 years and older, focusing on democratic citizenship in the digital public sphere, and put them into practice. These new workshops and their didactic approaches are going to be diversity-oriented, easily accessible and open to the interests and lives of young people.

Between March 26 and 28, the four fellows will take part in the three-day kick-off workshop, which will be accompanied by inclusion- and media educators. In addition to getting to know each other, the focus is on workshops and methods, such as media workshops for creating audiovisual material, diversity labs and design thinking, but also open exchange and the development of specific work plans.