Podcast April 1, 2021

Agora Europe - What is the marketplace of opinions in the digital age? (German)

How has the European public changed in the course of digitization? What role do the media play in this? These are the questions addressed in the last episode of the 3-part podcast series as part of Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft’s "Digital Europe 2030" project.

Three exciting guests will discuss: Hanna Israel, journalist and project manager of Zeit Online's "My Country Talks" platform, which follows the goal of connecting people with different political perspectives through media partnerships; Paul Ostwald, co-founder and Editor-at-Large of "Forum," an online media platform with European themes that publishes articles from various quality newspapers in many languages; and Ulrich Wilhelm, journalist, lawyer and co-editor of the impulse paper "European Public Sphere" by the German Academy of Science and Engineering and Director of Bayerischer Rundfunk until the end of January 2021.

The project "Digital Europe 2030" is dedicated to looking into the future. For this purpose, methods of strategic foresight are used to explore the question of how the European public and its digital sovereignty can be strengthened under the conditions of advancing digitalisation in all areas of life.

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