Urban Age Task Force Athens, 15. Oktober 2021

Urban Age Task Force Athens: urban expert workshops

Virtual event series to debate three key urban themes

In October 2021, the Urban Age Task Force Athens will hold three virtual workshops on key topics for the future development of the Greek capital. The City of Athens has identified three core priority areas for the collective work of the Task Force: sustainable transport and walkability; greening and public space; liveability and equity.

Invited experts from Athens and representatives from cities such as Milan, Barcelona, Vienna and Berlin will discuss these key urban themes identifying best practices in the effective delivery of complex urban projects. For each of the workshops, representatives from Athens will collaborate with experts from two other European cities that have undergone successful urban change in key areas of urban intervention. The workshops will serve as a two-way street. The Athens experts will have the opportunity to present ongoing urban projects and receive feedback, while the international experts will share successful examples from their experiences. Given that the three themes often overlap and are closely interconnected, the international and local experts are invited to participate in all three workshops.

The Urban Age Task Force Athens was established in February 2020 as a joint initiative of LSE Cities, the Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft and the City of Athens. Building on the success and strengths of the Urban Age Programme, the Task Force is designed to support the city government to deliver sustainable urban change ‘on the ground’. It employs its research expertise and convening power to work with city policymakers and officials to identify and inform how to be more effective in solving selected urban challenges that connect the built environment to quality of life, social inclusion and environmental sustainability.

For more information on the Urban Age Task Forces click here or contact Elisabeth Mansfeld.