Podcast November 29, 2021

Digital Goldmine – The Blessing and the Curse of Big Data in Politics and the Economy

With Judith Dada, Partner at La Famiglia VC, and Dr Thorsten Thiel, Research Group Lead at the Weizenbaum Institute for the Networked Society

Two expert guests debate our topic: Judith Dada, partner and managing director at La Famiglia VC, a venture capital fund specializing in the financing of transformative ideas, and Dr Thorsten Thiel, head of the “Democracy and Digitalisation” research group at the Weizenbaum Institute for the Networked Society - the German Internet Institute. He is also a member of the expert group for the Digital Europe 2030 project series of Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft.

This podcast episode is also part of the Digital Europe 2030 project series – currently with a focus on the topic “Data & Democracy”. Here, Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft deals with the question of how the collection, analysis, and utilization of data can proceed to the benefit of our democratic societies in the future. 

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