Digital Europe 2030 Virtual, December 2, 2021

Digital Europe 2030 | Data & Democracy: scenario work begins

After getting to know each other and defining the project topic in a kick-off workshop, the expert group begins its work

The project “Digital Europe 2030 | Data & Democracy“ explores the question of how the collection, analysis, and utilisation of data can proceed for the benefit of democratic societies in the future. After getting to know each other digitally and successfully defining the project topic in November 2021, the interdisciplinary expert group is now beginning the methodical process of constructing scenarios for a desirable vision of the future. What are the key factors that will determine the future of digital democracy in Europe? What developments are possible? The ‘raw scenarios’ include drafts for a baseline scenario, a worst-case scenario and a desirable scenario. 

The future of democracy in the European Union will be largely shaped by the way we embed digital technologies in our societies, economies and political systems. The goal of “Digital Europe 2030 | Data & Democracy“ is therefore to develop precise objectives, roadmaps and concrete policy options by applying various tools of strategic foresight. 13 experts from politics, business, science and civil society are working in several steps on the scenarios and recommendations that will ultimately be presented at the level of the European institutions.

The project benefits from the additional expertise and guidance of a Sounding Board. For further inquiries, please contact Samuel Walker