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Preserving and reconceptualizing the European idea: In our Europe programme, we invite you to reflect on the current state and the future of our continent. Facing the sovereign debt and refugee crises, illiberal tendencies and, not least, the corona pandemic, we Europeans have our hands full preserving what we have achieved and defending it against the return of national egoisms. At the same time, we need to revive the idea of a peaceful, democratic and united Europe that serves as a model for a liberal world order.

Current crises in particular demand a shared vision that provides the solidarity so often called for with a clear objective. Under the heading “Thinking of Europe”, we create a platform for such positive visions of the future and generate ideas that have an impact beyond day-to-day politics. We not only analyze what is, but also describe Europe as what it can and should be: a space of possibilities.

In doing so, we do not only look at Europe from Germany's point of view but want to learn to see it also - and especially - through the eyes of others. Such mutual understanding enables cohesion - the prerequisite for the European Union to remain capable of action. This is particularly true in view of changes in the global balance of power and major challenges such as digitization and climate change.

Thematically, we focus on the digital transformation and its impact on European democracies and address this in different formats.